Weekly Bike Rides

Welcome to Bike Force Ellenbrook Weekly Social Bike Ride

Where? In front of Bike Force Ellenbrook store every Saturday 6.30am , unless it rains, or snow or hails.

Time? The ride kicks off at 6.30am, come a little earlier to have a chat and briefing before the ride

Rules? Its a social ride, not a race. Be on time, do your part in a group ride and obey road rules. If you have any questions, just ask another fellow rider.

End? We always have coffee at JAXX Expresso Bar after every ride. Join us for a cuppa.

GROUP A (Avg 34-35kmh)
To fast to be noticed, but if you got what it takes to be in Group A, give us a shout, we will point you in the right direction

GROUP B (Avg 29-32kmh)

Flat 50km

If you are doing more than 150km a week, time to look into our Group B. First to start is our 50km route. A pretty scenic ride all the way to Guildford and Midland.

HILLS 55km

Group B hill challenge! There is nothing like climbing hills, all the distance and all the climb. SHUT UP LEGS!


GROUP C (Avg 25-28kmh)

Flat 42km

The first route for Group is a Flat route around Ellenbrook towards Midland and coming back to the vineyards. This is a 42km ride so bring your bottles and power bars. Its a pretty easy ride.

HILLS 48km

Its never complete without a hill climb route. Even begineers have to train. Endure our 48km flat + hill ride. 

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